EBC Woodfuels, Shrubbs Farm, Edgefield, Norfolk NR24 2AT.  Telephone: 01263 587189

About EBC

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About us

Our business model is based on the collection and processing of clean, reusable waste wood into high energy environmentally friendly wood briquettes.
At the core of our business is Swiss recycling technology this equipment enables not only a high production rate, but reliability and the knowledge that our products have a minimal carbon footprint. To date we have had the privilege of supplying some of the UK’s top wholesale and retail outlets, as well as our own online sales and local delivery service.


Our goals

Our aim is to provide superior and innovative briquette products whilst respecting the environment through ethical work practices.
We want to educate our customers that EBC products are not only innovative but sustainable, therefore building long term relationships to provide a excellent products with first class customer service.
With respect to the environment, we’ve grown our business through creativity and innovation, backed up with ethics that have integrated into all aspects of our business infastructure.
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